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January 14, 2001

Greetings friends. My name is Ryon Kirin McKay II. I am the lord of this kingdom of Sembers. I would like to greet ye to our wonderous land...a land of magik an' mystique...a land whence all are welcome, providin' they respect all others an' abide by the laws made to protect, and keep in good spirits, all the citizens of my kingdom. Also, ye must keep in mind that the word of myself, and my precious wife Athyn, is law. But know that we rule fairly. I dinnae ken of a single time when I have had to lay down punishment....and I hope I nigh ever have to. Now, if ye please, wander 'bout, and learn more of this land of Sembers.

-King Ryon Kirin McKay II

April 14, 2001

Greetings friends.  I pray ye forgive our absence these past few months.  As ye well know, the Kingdom of Sembers is still being stabilized, with production and economic activities.  Much of the kingdom is still being built, or rebuilt due to conflicts.  My Lord and I, however are most pleased to report the rapid growth of our kingdom, as well as the cooperation of the gracious folk who reside with in.  Our kingdom is made stronger by each of ye.  For this, my loving husband and I, can never repay ye.  Please be at ease to bring yer concerns to our attention, with yer help our lovely kingdom can only grow stronger.

-Queen Athyn Lillas McKay