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About the High Court

The High Court is a specially chosen group of Ten members of the Kingdom, not including the priest, King or Queen. Everyone is welcome to bring their trouble or concerns to the High Court, after passing on their concerns, the high court will then discuss all the views of the problem. After the discussion, the King and Queen will then decide what is best for the kingdom, based on all the views expressed. As it would be most difficult to have all members of the High court available at one time, the will either email all concerns or have a message board especially for such sessions. Several members, along with their positions, will automatically be given high court positions, such as the Captain of the Guard, the High Wizard, and High Priest/ess. Preferably, there will be at least one member from each station in the Kingdom. (i.e. One member of the royal family, one member of the royal court, one master of merriment, one member of the royal guard, and one peasant/commoner/or servant.) Each would be responsible for their position, as well as seeing to it that all of the member's of Sembers concerns reached the King and Queen. To be a member of the High Court, you must send in an application, already be a member of Sembers, and be in good standing with the Court.

Members of High Court
(Not including the Queen or King)

Countess Summer Jamison

High Wizard Raistlin Majere

Captain Tempest Ravenloft

Positions Open

There are seven positions open. We are currently looking to fill the position for the following.

One Priest/ess

Two members of the royal court

One master/mistress of merriment

One member of the royal guard

One peasant/commoner

One servant