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About the Royal Guard/ Duties

The knights are also part of the royal court, as well as the royal guard. They are to defend the kingdom should a invaders cross the boarders, and to defend any citizens of Sembers with their life. Knights are nearly always on call to defend the court living by a strict law of chivalry such as defending the weak and caring for the sick. They are the most loyal, and the most true in all occasions, their honor and valor never failing.

        Squires are Knights in training. Once Knighted, they will be given more responsibility, such as training their own squire, or a new job, as will be decided by their Captain. Squires are not in anyway to start a fight with a citizen or non-citizen.  Squires are not to talk back to their training Knight or any other Knight. If they should have concerns about the knight that is assigned to train them, the Captain, King, or Queen should be addressed.

        Knights are one of the most important members of the kingdom.   Knights are to be shown respect by all, and give it as well.  Knights are never to start a fight, but always finish it.  Each knight must train at least one squire, and a log must be sent to your captain so he will know of the training.  To gain higher ranking from your captain, one must train five squires, show courage and honor, and be in good standing with the court as well as their captain.

        The Captain is a lord, of high nobility, and also on the high court.  The Captain keeps the knights in training, and should he notice one slacking on his duties, he has the option to either have them tried by the king and Queen, or to take his title from him, making him retake his training as a squire.  There will also be, a second and third in command, whom the Captain, or the King and Queen may choose.  The Captain, however, is not above the law, and must clear all decisions with the King or Queen first.

        It takes a whole kingdom to win the War.

Members of The Royal Guard

Captain Tempest Ravenloft

Knight Ardan Casey

If ye have any questions concerning the Knights and their Ladies, please contact
Queen Lady Athyn.