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The Laws of Sembers

1. No one can over throw the royal family, talking of or attempting to is treason and will mean exile for the guilty party.

2. There will be no DMs, AAs, or other such none sense This is a peaceful kingdom with no need of killing. Spars are expectable, but you will not gain any kind of recognition for them, unless you are a knight and are gaining higher rank with your captain.

3. The only times death will be allowed will be from old age, sickness, a crime, or should a member of another family curse your name, or soil your pride, or your kins honor. First however, you must consult the head of the Royal family (the King, the Queen, or both) for permission to either have them exiled, or have them challenged to a duel to the death. At least one member of the royal family must be present.

4. There is no such thing as a T.V, telephone (of any kind,) vehicle, gun or any such thing that was not actually around in the middle ages. You may however substitute, using horses and carriages as a mode of transportation, a sword, bow and arrow, or an ax instead of a gun, and written scrolls instead of a phone or fax.

5. You are welcome to be members of any other guild, forum or kingdom.  But do NOT share inside information with the other kingdoms, forums and guilds.

6. Handing out updates, rosters, and announcements as well as copying stories is treason, and will not be taking lightly.

7. Yes, I know they weren't real, but dragons, unicorns, fairies and the like are allowed to pop up once in a while to cause mischief and spread enchantment.

8. Each member of the kingdom must dress and attempt to act their position of the kingdom. Peasants will never dress above their station, women will always wear long gowns, and the royal court will never dress below their station.

9. The only way a peasant can "graduate" to be a member of the royal court would be to marry someone in a royal position, or to find favor with the king, queen, or any member of the royal family.  Young men can also be knighted, as knights are part of the royal court.

10. Always obey the commands of the King and Queen, unless they are completely immoral. If so, let them know.

11. Please let the King and Queen know of an extended leave of absence, or the deletion of a screen name.

12. There is to be no talking of the Mun's in a kingdom chatroom. Keep it to mind links (i.e. Instant messages.)

Rules of Etiquette

1. There must be a line of respect that will help ensure the kingdoms well being. Try to respect one another, and listen to what they have to say. Perhaps they've something better to offer.

2. Anyone who is caught committing an act of disrespect to any citizen, or a potential new citizen, will be dealt with by the King and Queen.

3. Always bow to the Royal family when first greeting them, and when leaving.

4. The King and Queen must be addressed as "your Highness," "Your Majesty," or how ever the citizen wishes to word it. "Sir" and "Ma'am," will not be accepted.

5. Always address those with a title by their title, unless they say otherwise.


Rightly there must be substancial evidance that a wrong doing was caused. One can not simply come to the king and his queen and claim his neighbor stole an object of his, may it be a horse, money, anything.. There must be proof.

1. Should no proof be found, then the flase accuser, whether he was being true or not, you have lied to your king and queen and will spend one RP day in silence. You are free to amuse yourselves in silence however. But no speaking will be permitted.

2. Should the accused be found guilty, (with evidence) he would first give back the belonging. Secondly he might spend a day to a week in silence, depending upon his crime.

3. Breaking the written laws of sembers numerous times may result in exile, loss of title, or possition in the court.

4. Should someone be caught attempting to override the throne, they have committed immediate treason, they will be immedately exiled. It does not matter who you are, or what position you hold in the court, NO second chances.

5. Some crimes, such as being accused of trying to overthrow the king and his queen, may be tried in the high court. The verdict may be exile or death. Immaturity will NOT be tolerated in any form.

OOC Information

Naturally all are welcome to our kingdom! We welcome those with AOL access as well as those without, such as Web TV users, hotmail users, and the like. One must just have access to their own email as well as Sembers main page. To accomidate we have set up message boards, and all members are more than welcome to join in on a story or start their own (just remember, when starting a story, make it something everyone can work off of.) However having AOL access works better when role playing in chatrooms. In Sembers all are welcome!

If ye have any comments, suggestions, or questions about these laws, please contact Lady Athyn McKay.