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About Masters of Merriment

The Masters and Mistresses of Merriment are very limited positions, for several characters; such as, wizards, jesters , and minstrels. These merry makers are the favorite of the court! Their job is simply to entertain, and though most are commoners, it is possible for one to be a noble as well. The court is open to new ways of entertainment, and should you have any ideas on how to entertain the court (in an orderly, kind, and medieval way) we are interested to hear of them.

        The jesters of course will be the main entertainers.   They are always happy, always witty, and always there to cheer us up!  The most amusing jester will become the royal families personal merry maker.  Though it may not seem like there is much a jester can do, one must remember that appearances can be deceiving

        The wizards will have several jobs past stewing up little tricks for entertaining. They may be called upon to help serve in a battle, in protecting, or for their advice, one will also be choosen as a member of the high court.

        The minstrels! Why, they play music at dinner, in the court yard, in the hall, everywhere! When not making music then perhaps they are telling tales, or quoting poetry. With a minstrel around, life at Sembers could never be dull.  The Minstrels are to always have their instruments with them.  The most talented Minstrel will become the royal families personal minstrel, though of course they are welcome to perform for others as well.

Members of the Masters of Merriment

Sprite Pepper

If ye have any questions on the masters of merriment, please contact Queen Lady Athyn.