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About Commoners, Peasants, and Servants

The peasants, commoners, and servants are the lowest rank of the kingdom, but still included in the court, every one of all station are welcome in the castle walls, whether for protection, or for fun and merriment. Most of all no one is restricted from talking to the king, queen and their family. This is the largest group in the kingdom, if there is room no where else you will be automatically placed in this rank, but remember there are ways to raise your character to a different rank. Nothing is ever permanent unless you make it that way. (And of course you can request to be in this category, it will exciting to say the least.) Their job is the serve the court and royal family.

Each Peasant or Commoner is to have some kind or trade or business. (Such as a farm, a bakery, blacksmiths shop, trader, tailor, or an inn or tavern.) If you do not have one, the King or Queen will assign one to you.  They are not to start fights, or to encourage them. Sembers is a farming and trading kingdom; they can easily be a landowner or help to run the marketplace.

The Servants make sure everyone in the kingdom is properly cared for, and each room is spotless.  The Servants are NOT slaves, and if treated that way, the King or Queen will immediately deal with the guilty party, (be sure to send, and save the log.)  Servants are not to start, encourage, or engage in a fight. Servants will not talk back to any citizen unless they being mistreating by them. Remember that every member of the kingdom is important. Without the peasants, commoners and servants there would be only a court and king.

Members of Commoners and Peasants(Also including servants)

Evelyn Rose Nite

If ye have any questions about commoners and peasants, please contact Queen Lady Athyn.