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(High Wizard Raistlin Majere is featured here as the man on the left, with white hair.)

A Profile of Raistlin Majere

Raistlin Majere was six years old when he was called upon to study the art of magic. As a small, frail, and sickley boy, he had no friends. When enrolled in Master Theobolds classes, it became evident that Raistlin had a very promising future in magic. However, he was too good. Because of his cynical nature and snyde remarks, the other students refused to have anything to do with him. They made fun of him, calling him "The Sly One". "Look, there he goes. Hey Sly!!" "ssshhhhhhh!!!!! Don't talk to him! He's not worth it!" But it was because of this treatment that he had become so cynical and "sly". He tried a number of things to gain their respect, but it only ended up making them loath and fear him even more.

  He had had a lonely childhood, and that lonliness would follow him all his life. Eventually, at the age of twenty-one, he was called upon to take the Test at the Tower of High Sorcery. For one so young, this was a great honor.

  This test would decide if he would be allowed into the ranks of wizardry. It is a test that every mage must pass in his or her life. This was what he had been moving toward his whole life. If he passed, he would be accepted by the gods. He would be chosen! If not........well, there was only one other way out. To fail the test meant death. It is a risk that every young mage realizes and accepts at a very young age. He had barely passed with his life; he was tired, wounded, bleeding, afraid. In a last, frantic attempt, he summoned the spirit of an evil mage named Fistandantilus, a long dead wizard who, in an attempt to cheat death, takes the souls of young test takers to prolong his life. Raistlin agreed to allow Fistandantilus to live within him if he passed the test, but Fistandantilus was tricked, and though he is inside Raistlin, he is not in controll. This does not mean that he was not able to extract his revenge. While inside Raistlin, he acts as a parasite, eating at him from the inside. He went as far as to transorm Raistlin's appearence. His hair became white, and his skin took on a strange and terrifying golden tint. His overall health, which had been bad to begin with, has been shattered beyond recognition. Almost every movement is an effort, and he has to drink tea made from a special type of herb just to sooth the painful and agonizing coughing fits that he has been burdened with.

  The worst, however, were his eyes. His pupils formed the shape of hourglasses, floating on an iris of gold. Through these eyes, Raistlin could only see time. Time as it affects all things. Trees and flowers withered and died in his sight. Everywhere he looked, people turned into rotting, decaying corpses that only he could see. Despite this torture, he had aquired what he had sought for....and more! Not only did he pass the test, but he was given the Staff of Magius by the testmaster; a sort of gift to make up for his suffering. The staff has many mysterious powers that Raistlin has yet to dicover. He comes to Sembers from the faraway land of Krynn in hopes to forget his tortured past, and start a new life with newfound power.

((Note: Everything written here is credited to Margeret Weis, author of the best-selling Dragonlance series. Raistlin is a character in the series, and is not of my own design. I am only using himbecause I have been busy lately and will be for a while. I beleive it is safe to say that I have read enough about him to do him justice as a playable character. I just wanted to say this just in case anyone playing sees me for a thief. They should know that I have been granted permission to do this by One or more of the people who run this site. If there is a problem concerning this matter, please contact the Site Manager.))