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About the Royal Court

The Royal Court is a group of people who are of the upper class in the kingdom. After filling out an application, they will be given a title (such as Earl, Countess, Baron, Lord, Lady, ect..)  Ten members of the Royal court (not including the priest) will be given a position on the High Court, in which to discuss things in need of improving in the kingdom, with the King and or Queen. There will also be a need for a priest/ess simply request to be considered for the position.

        A Lord of the court is loyal to the throne. When called to aid the royal family, of course he will come. Much like a knight, but with a more regal manner and much fancier clothing, he is always in the court trying to win some Lady's heart (unless he is married). Though mostly his job is to live comfortably making a good companion to those around him.  He can be a knight if it pleases him.  Unless they are a knight, they must never engage in a fight. The Lord will greet every person who enters a Sembers room.  If a Lord commits a crime, they may be stripped of their title.

        A lady of the court is much like a lady-in-waiting, for the queen. She is there to help her, if need be, to give her advice, but mostly just to live elegantly, and at leisure keeping those around her company with her dashing personality.  A lady must not enter into a relationship without the Queen's consent.  The Ladies are the role models, and must act it, by showing proper etiquette.  She must greet every person who enters a Sembers room, and never lose her temper in public

        The Priest/ess will be ready to carry out wedding ceremonies, funerals, baptisms, and whatever the kingdom has a need for. The job is an important one, in which he or she is depended on by many people. He/she will also be a member of the high court and a wise confidant of the King and his Queen.  For the people the priest/ess will give sermons, offer advice, take confession in confidence and help to heal the sick and wounded.

          Members of the high court are a specially chosen group of 10 members of the royal court (not including the priest/ess). They will meet with the king and queen and discuss matters of the court. How it can be improved, and such. If you wish to be considered for this position please contact the King and Queen.

Members of the Royal Court

High Wizard Raistlin Majere

Lady Magdalen Rowena Westmoor

Lady Elisabeth Allison Westmoor

If ye by any chance have questions about the Royal Court, please contact

Queen Lady Athyn.