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Duties and Responsibilities

The Royal family is the ruling family consisting of a King, Queen, and any number of princes, princesses, or other family. One of these few positions are only open for those who wish to become an active RP member. If they wish to be a son or daughter of the King and Queen they must also be willing to start either a new character or start as a newborn child in the kingdom. The active royal family will always consist of at least a King and/or Queen.  Should they have children, or relatives, that would be wonderful! If not they are still the ruling monarchy, and must be obeyed!   Their job is simply, to listen to the needs of the people, help sort out disagreements, and to live in peace with their subjects.  They should rule with a firm but compassionate hand, making the people more important than themselves.  

        The Royal Family, however, is not under the law.  The High Court, is able to dethrone a royal family member, if there is a just cause, as well as solid proof of their crime. Should a Royal Family member perish, the next in line will be a spouse, a child, a sister or brother, an uncle or aunt, and then a cousin.  Should there at some time be no ruling monarchy, then the Kingdom of Sembers will fall.

Members of the Royal Family

King Ryon McKay

Queen Athyn McKay

Countess Summer Rose Jamison