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It is in the Kingdom of Sembers, during the time of wizards, magic, dragons, knights, fair maidens and mystery that our story takes place. In this world of magic, anything is possible. A world where horses fly, the white knight always comes home victorious, and lands and people can be moved at the very whim of the Fates. This is the Kingdom of Sembers, where the weather is warm and sunny in the summer, and cold snow falls in heaps during the winter months. However in some parts of the kingdom you can find it was always spring or fall. There can be found tropical waterfalls next to snow capped mountains, and long dry deserts. Yes, it is a wonderful time, full of enchantment and mystery, for nothing is ever as it seems.

((This is a role playing Kingdom for those intrested in medieval, rennaissance or fantasy RP only. In so many words this kingdom is a monarchy, run by the royal family. Meaning that the royal persons say what is right and wrong, and can not be overthrown. ))

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If ye have any questions or comments about Sembers, please do not hesitate to ask Our Lord and Lady Ryon or Athyn McKay.

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